About us

Our company is more than just a tech company. Our goals, hopes, and dreams are just like yours. We want to serve a better solution and benefit the world long term. We know our technology changes lives. If that's something that speaks to you - you're welcome here. The most innocuous-looking websites can contain tons of trackers running in the background, so privacy is Sinads's top priority. Quickly setup, its lightweight, efficient and user-friendly service extension displays just enough information (without overloading the senses) on its control panel. This clean control panel, which displays ad/tracking blocks and page-load times, etc, can be activated with just a click. As far as aftercare is concerned, Sinads has absolutely everything covered, offering a comprehensive Knowledge Base and FAQ (containing in-depth topic discussions), ticket and email support, plus phone agents. If you've got a service issue - be it technical or bill-related - Sinads has certainly put the work in. While staff expertise, response and query-solving times weren't the best we've encountered, they were certainly above average.